Monday, August 1

Friday, Aug. 1.

Friday, Aug. 1. In the evening enjoyed a sweet season in secret prayer; clouds of darkness and perplexing care were sweetly scattered, and nothing anxious remained. Oh, how serene was my mind at this season! how free from that distracting concern I have often felt! ‘Thy will be done,’ was a petition sweet to my soul; and if God had bidden me choose for myself in any affair, I should have chosen rather to have referred the choice to him; for I saw he was infinitely wise, and could not do any thing amiss, as I was in danger of doing. Was assisted in prayer for my dear flock, that God would promote his own work among them, and that God would go with me in my intended journey to Susquehannah: was helped to remember dear friends in New England, and my dear brethren in the ministry. I found enough in the sweet duty of prayer to have engaged me to continue in it the whole night, would my bodily state have admitted of it. Oh, how sweet it is to be enabled heartily to say, Lord, not my will, but thine be done!


glorybeam said...

I posted this on my blog, and want to add this link to both of blogs. You have such a wealth of inspirational information. I want to do more than just bookmark it!

Let me know if that's okay or not.

another Northerner!

rebecca said...

That's be great if you linked to the blog....

glorybeam said...

Thank you, I added your link on both my blog and the church blog.

Are you planning to do Amy Carmichael? Can I help? How does one "do" a blog like that? I'm very intrigued and impressed!


rebecca said...
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rebecca said...

Does Amy Carmichael have a journal?