Tuesday, February 1

Feb. 1, 1746.

My schoolmaster entered upon his business among the Indians. - He has generally about thirty children and young persons in his school in the day-time, and about fifteen married people in his evening-school. The number of the latter sort of persons being less than it would be, if they could be more constant at home, and spare time from their necessary employments for an attendance upon these instructions.

In the evening catechised in my usual method. Towards the close of my discourse a surprising power seemed to attend the word, especially to some persons. - One man, considerably in years, who had been a remarkable drunkard, a conjurer, and murderer, that was awakened some months before, was now brought to great extremity under his spiritual distress, so that he trembled for hours together, and apprehended himself just dropping into hell, without any power to rescue or relieve himself. - Divers others appeared under great concern as well as he, and solicitous to obtain a saving change.

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