Sunday, October 3

CROSSWEEKSUNG, in New Jersey, October, 1745.

Preached to my people from John xiv. 1-6. The divine presence seemed to be in the assembly. Numbers were affected with divine truths, and it was a season of comfort to some in particular. - O what a difference is there between these and the Indians I had lately treated with upon Susquehannah! To be with those seemed like being banished from God, and all his people; to be with these, like being admitted into his family, and to the enjoyment of his divine presence! How great is the change lately made upon numbers of these Indians, who not many months ago were as thoughtless and averse to Christianity as those upon Susquehannah! and how astonishing is that grace which has made this change!


Meredith said...

Thank you Rebecca for putting Brainerd's journal on the web. I have wanted to purchase it for a long time. Just a couple of thoughts after skimming through some of the entries. Brainerd emphasizes how the change in the Indians is due solely to an outpouring of God's grace connected with his preaching of the word. Not any special programs or worldly methodologies. Also, in one entry he laments the influence that nominal Christians have on the Indians. In this month's issue of Tabletalk, Alistair Begg writes an article about the influence of personal holiness on the effectiveness of John Owen's ministry. It seems this is especially needed today.

rebecca said...

I thought the comment about the influence of the supposed Christians the native people had been in contact with interesting, too. We can't underestimate the effects of the way we live, can we?

Anonymous said...

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