Wednesday, September 15

Lord's day, Sept. 15.

Visited the chief of the Delawares again; was kindly received by him, and discoursed to the Indians in the afternoon. Still entertained hopes that God would open their hearts to receive the gospel, though many of them in the place were so drunk from day to day, that I could get no opportunity to speak to them. Towards night discoursed with one that understood the languages of the Six Nations, (as they are usually called,) who discovered an inclination to hearken to Christianity; which gave me some hopes that the gospel might hereafter be sent to those nations far remote.


Steve said...

This is an excellent idea for a blog - bite-sized, inspiring pieces of Brainerd every day. I shall be posting an article about it on my own blog and reading you daily. Nice one, Rebecca!

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John Wesley said...

Yes, a first class idea - spawning another one in the form of "John Wesley's Journal" at Thank you.