Thursday, September 16

Sept. 16.

Spent the forenoon with the Indians, endeavouring to instruct them from house to house, and to engage them, as far as I could, to be friendly to Christianity. Towards night went to one part of the town where they were sober, and got together near fifty persons of them, and discoursed to them, having first obtained the king's cheerful consent. - There was a surprising attention among them, and they manifested a considerable desire of being further instructed. There was also one or two that seemed to be touched with some concern for their souls, who appeared well pleased with some conversation in private, after I had concluded my public discourse to them.

My spirits were much refreshed with this appearance of things, and I could not but return with my interpreter (having no other companion in this journey) to my poor hard lodgings, rejoicing in hopes that God designed to set up his kingdom here, where Satan now reigns in the most eminent manner; and found uncommon freedom in addressing the throne of grace for the accomplishment of so great and glorious a work.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff, Rebecca. I have no doubt that the re-publishing of Brainerd's Diaries in this age will bring glory to God. If we prayed a tenth as much as him, things would be very different I am sure. May God open doors for you to keep proclaiming his message to the ends of the earth.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

This is true that we should be jolly in hopes that God designed to set up his kingdom here. God bless you Rebecca. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

rebecca thanks for that article,i believe so much that would raise like mind passions after him